Brief History

            Surabaya Training Centre (STC) is an institution having its line of education anda training concern, which covers several courses or trainings of subjects i.e. English, Computer, Study Counseling, Human Resources Management, Safety Management (SMK3), and Quality Mangement. The institution has been operating for more than 2 decades. The company was initially known as  “10 NOPEMBER STUDY CLUB SURABAYA (SCS) which was established in 1987 under license of Education and Culture Department of Republic Indonesia No. 2767/10 4.10A/LA.  It had two coordinators of operation that the first coordinator dealt with the course of National Exam subjects while the other dealt with English course. In 1990 the institution transformed its name into “YAYASAN 10 NOPEMBER SURABAYA” which the institution was managed under one coordinator and still in one place. Since then the English training has been operating until now.

In 1999 the English course separated from its main institution because of the market’s demand and changed its name into “Surabaya Training Centre (STC)” under license of Education Service of Surabaya No. 188/4193/436.7.1/2017 dated 3 May 2017. From that moment, the institution has been widely known for its teaching technique and innovation in education concern. The institution focused on education and training for general purposes, students of Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, University, Corporates and general participants to make them ready for global era competition. Its success story was made through hard work, patience, dedication and discipline of its staff by some remarkable innovation in education concerns. Since 2012, STC started to serve the demand from some clients to give training on human resources management, safety management (Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja - SMK3), and quality management.   

Surabaya Training Centre (STC) is located on Jl. Griya Kebraon Selatan Blok A/11B. Located in one of the fastest growing areas and in the heart of Kebraon area, it gives an easy access to reach, comfort in study, and free from sound pollution.


Vision and Mission

            Surabaya Training Centre (STC) is a visionary institution which is equipped with its strong commitment to reach the participants’ preparation to compete in Global Era. So far the institution has been running the activity by implementing the best practices which optimizes the capability of the teachers and instructors, uses competitive technology, and uses innovative teaching or training techniques according to the level and the characteristics of the participants. Therefore, the institution’s mission is directed to the improvement of participants’ knowledge quality thus Surabaya Training Centre can become professional leading training centre.

            In harmony with the institution’s vision and mission, Surabaya Training Centre is the most required for the clients and general participants to improve themselves which focuses on how to make our targets happen. In addition, to fulfill the needs of clients STC developed in-house training of English for personal and corporate program. 

Our Vision

  • We focus on quality, care, and satisfaction


Our Mission

  • We lead you to command four – skill language with acceptable standard
  • We raise up your confidence to explore your competency and skills
  • We make you ready for global era competition by providing professional training