Bahasa Indonesia In-House Training for Foreign Worker or Student



If you are a foreign worker or student and want to master Bahasa Indonesia fast, we provide a practical and effective training. Only 24 sessions and 90-minute lesson length we guarantee you will master spoken Bahasa Indonesia fast and well. You just invest Rp. 5.500.000,- / package (24x meetings). This training fee is effective in Surabaya. Negotiable transportation fee is only charged when you stay out of Surabaya. However, for the time being, our service covers East Java. When you study in a group of maximum 4 person, the investment value will remain. Please contact us, we will be ready to come for consultation and negotiation. 

            Here are some of the functional languages we will present in our syllabus:

  • Menyapa dan memperkenalkan diri (greetings and Introducing yourself and someone to others)
  • Menjelaskan benda-benda (describing objects)
  • Menjelaskan orang (describing people)
  • Menjelaskan tempat (describing places)
  • Membicarakan kegiatan rutin (talking about routines)
  • Permintaan dan Penawaran (request and offering)
  • Pekerjaan dan kesukaan (jobs and hobby)
  • Menanyakan dan menjelaskan arah jalan (asking and responding about direction)
  • Membicarakan masa lalu (talking about past events)
  • Berbelanja (shopping)
  • Perjalanan dan pemesanan hotel (trip and booking a hotel)
  • Membicarakan tentang rencana (talking about plans)
  • And many more topics or as requested by client